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Mirco Gheller


Over 30 years of experience in the contract sector for interior design

working first as supervisor for retail projects, luxury hotels and residences,

up to becoming top management gaining deep experience in the entire supply chain of the reference market, being involved in all the process steps: from initial budget to engineering parts, production, logistic and installation, until the hand-over to the client. His passion and commitment to his job lead him to develop a strong interest

in research and innovation; to always be on top of new materials and technologies for the market; to design for increasing a product and surface’s capabilities,

both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view.
An international role that, over the years, brought him to become a sought-after sales and marketing manager for global clients, able to lead top international development and innovative marketing and sales plans.


A team of experts, committed and enthusiasts is at the heart of our success. With multidisciplinary background and expertise, CD10 team is able to offer custom services and ad hoc solutions. Project managers, technical experts, architects, managers with international experience in multinationals, allow us to offer an holistic approach to each project.

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