Research & Development during the planning phase

Assisting the customer and the designer from the project kick off to the rollout, focusing on improving the services and products offered at every step, finding a qualified specialized supplier for each stage of the project: from the product design to selection of materials; production and logistic; guarantying value creation and achieving

Excellence In Planning


Analysis of the requests and ideas

from the designer / client

Definition of quality level and cost targets

Feasibility study

Research and selection of suitable materials for the project

Research of appropriate materials

and finishings given the project’s location

Evaluation of the environmental impact

and respect of the local regulations

Research and development of innovative materials and exclusive finishings

Preliminary timing drafting

Preparation of samples and mood boards

Architetto al lavoro

Product value engineering

Prototype development

Evaluation of the cost and timing impact

in regards of the materials selection

and services offered

Technical support and "value engineering" of the design concept and products, with the aim of continuous improvement in all phases: from procurement to production, from logistics to installation

Development and definition of products (technical drawings, executive and construction details)

Pre-selection of suppliers and supply chain of materials, products and services

Project management and Third Party Consultant for High Level Procurement

(for retail, residential and hotel - FF&E - OS&E and buildings)

Budget and operational review:

provided by our experts

Client product review and validation:

during the initial presentation of the project

Our support allows you to gain valuable time in budgeting; helps the designer to specify all project’s components; allows
you to meet the design and operational requirements, and stay within the budget from the first specification

caffè di lavoro

Detailed budget of the line-items

Detailed budgeting, to ensure sharing amongst all stakeholders about the
specifications of each item, from the first draft to the final revision

Definition and detailed planning

of the project supply chain

Through an attentive selection of vendors and subcontractors we guarantee the most suitable supply chain to carry out

a successful project

Product offer

We identify the right suppliers guaranteeing the quality of the products, price and services, and to respect the requested timing, according to the geographical location of the project


We smoothly coordinate the sampling, approval and shipment process.

We quickly prepare and present mock-ups for submission to the client and designer

Following the definition of the mock up

and the value engineer, we guide the client until the final selection of the supplier,

the subcontractor, the list of purchases

and all the documentation needed